Bedroom re-vamp

Whilst we have spent a great deal of time in the garden, and also done a bit of internal redecoration, the master bedroom is the first room we have pulled back to bare walls and re-done.

Previously, the room contained a range of DIY wardrobes, which were basically  a set of sliding doors hiding chipboard shelves, screwed directly to the walls. The plasterboard walls had not had a skim of plaster, having been covered in textured paper and then painted. There was single powerpoint on the headboard wall, and another half-hidden behind the sliding doors.

Before we bought it!

Before we bought the house!

The first job was to to take out the old wardrobes, take up the carpet, strip the walls and re-plaster. We also needed to move one power socket and add another to the headboard wall.

Unfortunately the plasterboard wall was so thin the electrician was unable to install a new box without breaking through to the bedroom next door! The wardrobe fitter came up with the idea of installing a panel in front of the wall, matching the wardrobe carcase, and to install the sockets and light switch into it.

We wanted to get paint on the walls adjacent to the wardrobes before they were fitted, so once the plaster was dry a coat of plaster primer and two coats of matt emulsion followed.

The made to measure wardrobes were installed in two days, then the contrasting feature wall painted, all the skirting and door frames painted, new carpet fitted, a new light fitting installed, and a curtain rail and curtains put up. A new bedstead completed the room.

As a finishing touch, we had two of our existing pictures re-mounted and re-framed, and hung them on the feature wall.

One room done, several more to do!

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