‘Superfast’ Broadband

Yes, I know, 10Mbps is not exactly flying, but compared to the 1.5Mbps we were getting up to a month or so ago, it is rocket-powered.



Our local exchange was superfast-enabled about 8 months ago, amidst much glossy mailouts from BT. Imagine our disappointment when, having visited their site, we were advised BT Infinity was not available to us.

We are 3.5km from the exchange and, as there is no street cabinet in the village, nearly 2.5km from the nearest cabinet. The BT availability checker continued to tell us Infinity was not available.

ONLincolnshire, who are overseeing the rollout of super fast broadband in Lincolnshire, also advised us that there was no access to super fast, and confirmed our only alternative appeared to be satellite broadband. Plans for phase 2 of the rollout, which is designed to mop up most of the 5% of households not enabled in phase 1 also did not include our property, according to ONLincolnshire.

Resigned to many more years of inability to stream anything, or a huge monthly cost for satellite, we were not happy!

One thing 1.5Mbps does let you do, albeit slowly, is browse the web. Imagine my surprise, when on trawling through forums on a Saturday morning, to find a post about BT Faster Unlimited Broadband.

This is a FTTC Fibre based service that is for those customers who can get FTTC Fibre broadband but can only achieve 15mbps or under on FTTC. ‘But you were told you couldn’t get fibre service’ I hear you cry.

Ever the optimist, I contacted BT to check availability anyway, to be told this service was available, and I could expect between 2Mbps and 4Mbps. As the overall cost was no more than we were already paying, we decided to give it a go. Even 2Mbps is better than 1.5Mbps.

On the day it was enabled, we were pleasantly surprised to see we were getting around about 8Mbps, but fully expected the speed to reduce over the following couple of weeks as things settled down. None of it, the speed has been gradually increasing; we are currently getting over 10Mbps.

The message for you UK residents out there who may be in the same position as us is simple, check availability for BT Faster Unlimited Broadband. BT do not go out of their way to promote it, and our local enablement organisation also were either not aware or were not pushing it.


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