What to do with the oldies?

Mum & John - 2014

Mum & John – 2014

In 2014 both Mum and stepfather John had their 80th birthdays. How to celebrate? They had already spent a lovely week with John’s family in Yorkshire, and Mum had her brood up for the weekend, including a smashing meal at Azzurro and a mid-week Chinese meal.

We were mindful that, at 80, there was only so much excitement they could handle, but wanted to do something they otherwise might not do. We considered, and quickly discounted, sky diving, a track day at Cadwell Park, and a flight in jet fighter! We finally decided upon a simple day out in London. To avoid panic mode setting in, we kept everything a secret: as far as they were concerned they were coming to us for the weekend and we might manage a day out.

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