Spring morning in Lincolnshire





Replanted border


First cut of the year

First cut

Autumn Colours

This year the autumnal colours seem as vivid as ever. The large sycamore in the corner of the garden is just at the stage where the leaves are at their prettiest, just before they all fall and create hours of work! (Although, having just looked at the photos in the gallery below, there are already a few leaves that need shifting.)

Sara has split and transplanted loads of plants during the year, all of which seem quite happy in their new locations. The large clumps of bright yellow flowers all started from a very small plant hidden away under a massive conifer, which stood just where the potting shed now stands. The conifer was the first thing to go.


Bad back time

Sara is currently walking around like a half-closed penknife, having spent most of Saturday  planting our new native hedging.

We wanted something natural to replace the damaged two-rail fence that had surrounded the vegetable plot and, having used native hedging at a previous property, thought we would give it another go.

Hedging Day 1

Once again we bought the hedging plants from Wiggly Wigglers by mail order. Last time we used them, we had 100 plants and only one failed to grow, so we are hoping we we will get the same sort of success rate from the 125 plants we have put in this time.

This isn’t instant gardening, you’ll need to revisit this blog in a couple of years time to see any significant progress, but if last time was anything to go by, it’s worth the wait.


18 months on, and the hedge has really got away well. We’ve been trimming it back, allowing it to thicken up but keeping the height under control.



Hedge 18 months on


There is roughly a three year gap between these photos. The photo on the right shows the hedge after cutting, at its highest it reached to the top of the arbour seat.